Who Is America?

Who Is America? 2018
Genres: Comedy
Quality: HD
Year: 2018
Actors: Sacha Baron Cohen
After nearly five years in which he maintained a relatively low profile, Sacha Baron Cohen attacks the television with his new program "Who is America?" (Which went up last night on Showtime and today at Edge Edge VOD). In the program, Cohen returns to a formula that has previously succeeded in the series "The Ali G Show," and in the films "Borat" and "Bruno" and uses different identities to document the extreme, racist and shocking things the Americans are willing to say behind closed doors. Even before one clip of the show came up, a wide media echo arose around it. The calculated hype was built thanks to a heavy veil of secrecy, which was removed just a week before the premiere with hints and promises of "the most dangerous program in the history of television." At the same time, "Who is America" ??became the talk show of the moment thanks to a series of conservative polytheists, including Sarah Palin, Roy Moore and Joe Walsh. Everyone tried to preempt the blow and admit that they had fallen victim to an interview with Cohen under false identity, thus providing the program with free publicity.

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