The Sinner

The Sinner 2017
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Quality: HD
Year: 2017
Actors: Dohn Norwood, Bill Pullman, Christopher Abbott, Jessica Biel
The Sinner is based on the book by Petra Hammesfahr - On the television production responsible Derek Simonds. The plot is about In the depths of the past and the personality of Cora, a young woman in a relationship, mother to baby, looks really normative until that bright sunny morning she is doing a brutal murder. There were a lot of witnesses who saw her doing the brutal murder and she admits that she done the murder but she can not explain why she did it. According to her, she has no idea what caused her to suddenly attack another person. Her partner, Mason (Christopher Abbott from From the TV series Girls) has no idea either. The plot sounds like a murder case that the police will be happy to finish as soon as possible, but the lack of motivation leads to one of the detectives that involved in the murder case, Harry (Bill Pullman "The president from Resurgence"). The TV series will be focus in the dynamics between him and her, he is trying to figure out what clues are there anyway, and she tries to figure out why harry wants to help her at all. From one chapter to another, clues are gathered and the story begins to lighten up, as the feeling during viewing is that if you want to figure out not only the murder, but also the story of Cora.
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