Rick And Morty

Rick And Morty 2013
Genres: Comedy, Adventure, Animation, Drama
Quality: HD
Year: 2013
Actors: Dan Harmon, Kari Wahlgren, Spencer Grammer, Chris Parnell, Justin Roiland, Sarah Chalke
Rick — A genius scientist and alcoholic whose inventions and experiments serve as the basis for the episodes. Morty — Rick's impressionable grandson who is often dragged along on his grandfather's escapades. Jerry — Morty's insecure father, whose disapproval of Rick's influence on Morty only deepens his marital troubles with Beth. The series is influenced by animated series such as Futurama and travel time and space journeys such as Doctor Who and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but was born after a tribute to Royleand's Back to the Future, The Duck and Marty Adventures. Doc and Marty became empty and Morty - a genius alcoholic scientist and nihilist and his innocent grandson - and the enchanted and childish innocence of the series of films replaced existential pessimism and philosophical questions. These are presented when they are mixed up in a television frenzy of absurd jokes, science fiction, and countless references to popular culture. This mess did not sound like the list of ingredients for a successful series, but it worked for the harem and Rwanda. "Innovative," and "subversive" are some of the superlatives enjoyed by her fans, probably because of her impossible combination: she interwoven the interracial adventures of her characters with standard family plots, such as Beth and Je's Jerry, Morty 's parents. But above all there is always a murky atmosphere and an existential sense of doom. "Rick and Morty" takes philosophical questions and tries in many cases to neutralize morality, and this darkness clashes again and again with comic absurdity. This contrast is also her main attraction.
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