Poldark 2015
Genres: Drama
Quality: HD
Year: 2015
Actors: Ruby Bentall, Jack Farthing, Eleanor Tomlinson, Warren Clarke, Aidan Turner, Kyle Soller, Beatie Edney, Heida Reed, Philip Davis
Ross Poldark returns home from the American War of Independence to find his father has died, his estate is in ruins and his sweetheart Elizabeth Chynoweth is engaged to his cousin Francis Poldark. Inheriting the family's derelict mines, Ross plans to re-open them and hopes his cousin Francis will help him although he declines. Ross later saves a young servant girl named Demelza Carne and they eventually marry. At a dance, Verity Poldark meets disgraced Captain Andrew Blamey. Her father forbids them from being together but Ross helps her meet Blamey in secret which leads to a duel between her brother Francis and Blamey. The marriage of Ross and Demelza shocks the village. Elizabeth later gives birth to a son, while Demelza gives birth to a daughter, Julia Poldark. Francis dwindles into debt, while Ross begins to advocate for mining rights. Dwight Enys, a young doctor, arrives in town to help miners. He falls in love with Keren, who married Mark Daniel. Verity elopes with Blamey while Dwight begins a relationship with Keren which leads to her death. George manages to find out the names of the people who invested in Wheal Leisure. George calls in the debt they owe to the Warleggans which eventually ends the expedition. A sickness strikes the village, including Elizabeth and her son. Demelza helps them but falls sick too along with her daughter, Julia. Demelza has a lengthy battle while Julia dies. Warleggan's ship is wrecked and Ross leads a team to help survivors and plunder the goods. Ross is later arrested for murder and wrecking, leaving Demelza distraught.
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