Fargo 2014
Genres: Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime, Mystery
Quality: HD
Year: 2014
Actors: Bob Odenkirk, Joey King, Glenn Howerton, Oliver Platt, Russell Harvard, Allison Tolman, Keith Carradine, Billy Bob Thornton, Colin Hanks, Martin Freeman
Each chapter opens with the caption "This is a true story", but of course there is no connection between the reality and the events in the series, as was said by the Cohen brothers who wrote the script. In the first season, viewers will be able to meet Lester Neigard, a weak character who is not always taken into consideration, including his wife. Lester Niggard lives his peaceful and square life, but on one of the usual winter days, Lester undergoes an act of bullying toward him, leading him to the hospital, where he meets a character who will change him and the course of his life. This mysterious stranger tells Lester that if he were in his place, he would not have accepted the bullying that was silently applied to him. Not only that - the strange stranger is also willing to help Lester. From this point on we begin a very rapid and extreme development of our hero. This stranger becomes a friend of Lester and accompanies him in the process of development he is undergoing. A process in which we as viewers shows a great deal of violence, crime and generally deviating from normative behavior.
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