Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods 2010
Genres: Drama, Crime, Family
Quality: HD
Year: 2010
Actors: Vanessa Ray, Marisa Ramirez, Jennifer Esposito, Will Estes, Bridget Moynahan, Nicholas Turturro, Donnie Wahlberg, Len Cariou, Tom Selleck
For the Reagans, family always comes first but working together in the family business brings tempers to bear as cases hit close to home. As the first family of the NYPD, their actions are under the microscope more than others in their field, though none of them let that dictate their jobs. From retired Police Commissioner to street cop to lawyer, the members of this family are largely involved with the different aspects of law enforcement and each episode explores how these different roles impact the family both at work and at home. An ex-con that Frank put away seems to have changed, going so far as helping Frank set a young man straight, only to later be suspected of murder. Danny investigates and all of the evidence seems to point to the ex-con, Nick, but after he arrests him, Nick's son comes in to confess to the crime. Meanwhile, Erin attempts to prosecute a doctor accused of killing his wife only to have her efforts stymied by his lawyer who is hiding him to break the story exclusively on her podcast. Elsewhere, Jamie and Eddie come across a car with multiple parking violations which leads them to discover the body of it's owner. While they are waiting for the Public Administrator to come inventory the place, they find newspaper clippings and money which lead them to believe that the man who lived there may very well have been part of a bank heist many years prior. Jamie then faces an ethical dilemma when a woman appears and reveals that the man who called himself Harry had been supporting her grandson for years and without the money left behind, her grandson won't be able to stay in school.
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