Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom 2016
Genres: Crime, Drama
Quality: HD
Year: 2016
Actors: Scott Speedman, Ellen Barkin, Christina Ochoa, Shawn Hatosy, Ben Robson, Finn Cole, Carolina Guerra, Dorian Missick, Jake Weary
Animal Kingdom is a new TV series from TNT, based on the Australian crime film of the same name from 2010. The film is based on a real story about crime family from Melbourne, but the new series takes us from the Kangaroo country to southern California, a more familiar environment for the American viewer. Besides, the "animal kingdom" does not make us discounts. The Animal Kingdom takes place in southern California, in an unnamed coastal town where the majority of the population appears to be surfers, drug addicts, and those who are both. After J's mother, a 17-year-old boy, died of heroin overdose, he was picked up in his grandmother's lap. Grandmother Janine Cody, nicknamed "Smurf" by anyone who knows her, wraps Jay with warmth and love. She meets him and his uncles, his mother's brother, whom Jay has not seen in years. And there's a reason that three older men spend so much time at their mother's house - they're planning a robbery together, one of many, because that's what Janine and her sons do for a living. The boys of Janine Cody are quite shrewd, as befits people whose profession is bank robbery. Craig and Deran are a pair of party guys, whose daily lives add up to pool parties, casual sex and quite a few drugs, when Craig specifically does not say no to a line (or five) of cocaine. All, of course, under their mother's watchful eye, which encourages wild behavior as much as possible.
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